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When will money come to your account

Especially in months with many holidays, such as the turn of the year, there are often delays in some companies. If it is the same bank, there is still the possibility that the money will arrive today. If payment is made on the day in question, the money must be in your account no later than three business days later. If the bank transfer takes place after closing time at the bank, it arrives two days later.

Bank Factories: How to get the money on the account

Bank Factories: How to get the money on the account

Since 5.30 o’clock the “bank factory” of the post office is very well visited. In addition to its own payments, Post has been operating the majority of its business for Ecorzbank and Ecorzbank since 2004. For this purpose, Swiss Post has set up the subsidiary “BCT Bank” and now processes more than six billion shops per year.

At the transshipment center for several million USD, which the approximately 360 Frehurt employees like to refer to as the “bank factory”, there is silence and silence. “Every day, about 75,000 to 150,000 documents are scanned in here”, explains the head of eurozone payments, Mr Alvin Fuk. But this is only about 2.5 percentage points of the total volume that is handled every day in Germany.

There, employees work on highly concentrated, illegible documents that are automatically sent to them. She has been working at Swiss Post for 34 years. As a rule, at least 30% of the incoming documents must be checked by the staff of the editorial office. “Even if signatures differ, employees can provide labels,” he says.

On oversized screens, three employees follow all operations. For the “Services” board, he sees the bundling of Postbank’s payment transaction processing as a future prospect. In the Federal Republic there is no comparison provider for outsourced transaction processing.

First equipment when money is in the account

First equipment when money is in the account

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I visited the office and the company Prof. Dr. med. Familia for the first equipment (in the 4th month) advertised. Months) I have received an e-mail from the office that you thought you should have taken note of and will process the request in due course, and I should please dimm from any further request in this regard.

Now my request, when you had the money in the account, I still have 9 months to the ET and have not heard from the office, what if they now work with me and what I may have yet received from the company PSA who really got that long in the SP or so before ET (depending on how you see that)?

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